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The Catacombs of Generosa

how to reach them from Trastevere

We have said it other times, but we reiterate it here too because “repetita iuvat“: the Trastevere district is one of the most beautiful, fascinating and bohemian neighborhoods of Rome, but this ancient city in central Italy is full of architectural and artistic beauties that cross thousands years of history and deserve to be visited.

For some time now and with various articles, we have begun to analyze the relationship between the Trastevere district of Rome and other areas of this city, in order to create a rich itinerary during a visit to this city, taking Trastevere as a base to explore the rest. of the city of Rome, in order to see all the beauties offered by the Italian capital.

Even today, with this article, we will focus on the catacombs of Rome.

Briefly summarizing for those who had no idea what they were, the catacombs are underground cemeteries built in Rome and composed of a network of underground tunnels on whose walls the dead were buried, in niches placed one above the other. In addition to this, the catacombs were often adorned with frescoes representing the dead or their families.

In Rome there are 50 catacombs (some can be visited, others not) and we, in our articles, will take care of talking to you about all the catacombs of Rome that can be visited and how to reach them from the Trastevere district.

In today’s article, we present a new catacomb, the Catacombs of Generosa, with a brief overview and telling you how to reach them from the Trastevere district.

Are you ready to discover them? Then keep reading our article!

The Catacombs of Generosa

The Catacombs of Generosa are Roman catacombs that were found in what was later baptized as Via delle Catacombe di Generosa. They are located in an area of ​​the Tiber river.

Also in this case, the name of the catacombs derives from that of the person who donated the land in which the Catacombs of Generosa were created. In ancient times this territory was called “Ad Sextum Philippi” as it was six miles from Via Campana where this Philip probably resided.

The interesting fact of the Catacombs of Generosa is that not only Christian but above all pagan traces have been found in them (as in the so-called “Boschetto Sacro alla Magliana” where you can see details attributable to the pagan college of the Fratres Aevales).

The Catacombs of Generosa are on one level only and its entrance was closed by a basilica that has now disappeared.

The Catacombs of Generosa were created to bury the martyrs Simplicio and Faustino and being, later, used to bury peasants, it has a very sober appearance. It is assumed that it remained in use until the end of 500 AD.

How to visit the Catacombs of Generosa

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Generosa Catacombs are catacombs that can be visited. However, we must point out that these can be visited upon request.

How, then, to request access to the Catacombs of Generosa?
Well, according to our research, it is the Catacombs of Generosa Committee that takes care of the program of visits.

To be able, therefore, to visit the Catacombs of Generosa, you have to click here and follow what you are told.

This committee deals with both the visit to the Catacombs of Generosa and the visit to the church of San Passera and the Magliana Castle.

According to what is currently reported on the link we have given you, visits to the Catacombs of Generosa are carried out on Saturdays at 15:30, but only by contacting the Catacombs of Generosa Committee and keeping an eye on their blog, you will know any updates.

How to reach the Catacombs of Generosa from Trastevere

After reading the article, are you curious to know how to reach the Catacombs of Generosa from the Trastevere district?

So here are two ways to do it!
The Catacombs of Generosa are not very close to Trastevere but the means of transport allow you to reach the place in a short time.

According to our research, here’s how to reach the Catacombs of Generosa from Trastevere.

  • Train:

Using the train is the fastest method. Just take the train from Trastevere station (use bus XX from Bernardino da Feltre) and get off at Magliana station and, from there, take to Piazza Madonna di Pompei, via San Rufo and once you arrive at the intersection with Via delle Catacombs di Generosa, proceed right to your destination.

  • Bus:

There are also some options to go from Trastevere to the Catacombs of Generosa by bus. Here are all the options we found:

– bus 775 from Rolli/Castaldi to Trullo/Tempio di Dia;
– bus 780 from Orti di Cesare to Magliana/Impruneta and bus 128 from Magliana/Impruneta to Tempio Arvali/Trullo;
– bus 228 from Trastevere Station to Tempio Arvali/Trullo;
– bus 786 from Trastevere station to Portuense/villa Flora and bus 719 from Portuense/villa Flora to Tempio Arvali/Trullo;

Obviously there will be a small stretch of road to be covered on foot, which is the same as suggested in the directions for the train journey.

Here we are at the end of our article on the Catacombs of Generosa.
We hope this article helped you to know more about this historical, artistic and funerary place.

In the next articles we will also tell you about the other catacombs of Rome, so stay connected or search the articles on the website to find out more.

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Catacombs of Generosa