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If you have any curiosity about Trastevere and want to know more without getting lost in reading thousands of articles, here is a collection of information and curiosities that will surely be useful or interesting to you.

Where is the Trastevere district located?

The Trastevere district is located in Italy and is a historic district of the city of Rome, the Italian capital that rises in Lazio. “Rione” is the term with which the oldest districts of the city of Rome are called, the Eternal City.

How big is the Trastevere district?

Based on reported data, the area of Trastevere is 1.8 square kilometers. Definitely not a little one, don’t you find it too?

How many people live in the Trastevere district?

According to data collected by ISTAT, the resident population (year 2022) in the Trastevere district has 13,447 inhabitants, just like a small city.

Why is the Trastevere district so called?

According to tradition, the name of Trastevere derives from the Latin words “Trans Tiberim” which mean “beyond the Tiber”. This name derives from the fact that Rome developed on the other bank of the Tiber river, the one opposite to the place where Trastevere stands (which was, therefore, a kind of suburb of Rome).

What does the emblem of Trastevere represent?

The Trastevere coat of arms is a lion’s head on a red field. On our website you will also find the legend concerning the birth of this coat of arms.

Which are the most important villas in the Trastevere district?

The most important and well-known villas in Trastevere are 5: Villa Farnesina, Villa Lante, Villa Sciarra, Villa Spada, Villa Leone Caetani.

How many churches and places of worship are there in Trastevere?

According to our research, in the Trastevere district there are 41 places of worship including churches, basilicas and monasteries.

What is the heart, in the center of the life of the Trastevere district?

We have no doubt about this: the heart of the Trastevere district is the square of Santa Maria in Trastevere. There you can find everything and there the life of this whole historic district of Rome takes place, both day and night.

How much does it cost to stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast in Trastevere?

We have done some research for you and we can say that the Trastevere district is not the cheapest neighborhood in Rome, in fact staying overnight for one night can exceed 300€ per night depending on the structure chosen. However, depending on your choice, you can also find cheap accommodation that does not exceed 100€. However, the suggestion is to book well in advance in order to find the best offers

Are there shopping centers in the Trastevere district?

Unfortunately, the Trastevere district has no shopping center, but there are shops of the large Italian and foreign chains where you can find practically anything you are looking for.

How many restaurants/pizzerias are there in Trastevere?

Again, we have done some research and we can say that, based on it, in the Trastevere district there are at least 22 restaurants/pizzerias available to choose from. Not a bad variety, right?

Are there vegan restaurants in the Trastevere district?

We have done a little research and can confirm that there are both vegan restaurants and restaurants offering vegan options in the Trastevere district. Check the reviews of the vegan restaurants in Trastevere on Google by clicking here.

How many sushi restaurants are there in Trastevere?

Based on the research we have done, we can say that the Trastevere district has 12 sushi restaurants to choose from. Not bad isn’t it?

How many bars are there in the Trastevere district?

Also in this case we carried out a little research, which showed that in the Trastevere district there are as many as 20 bars to choose from.

How many ATMs are there in Trastevere?

ATMs are very important when you go on vacation, so it’s best to be in a place that has enough. With this in mind, we carried out a little research and, based on it, we discovered that in the Trastevere district there are about 16 ATMs.

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