What not to do in Rome Absolutely


Don’t tell me you’ve never consulted one guide online before visiting a city to find out what ten most common things of do and get to know the main monuments of the city, the ones you can’t miss. A vacation in Rome Here it does not matter either, there are things to see and do.

Then there are the parallel guides or those that explain that they are things not to do in Rome, the most common mistakes that we could find if we are not prepared.

Here are the 10 things you should not do in Rome:

  1. Do not buy counterfeit items from street vendors circulating around town or from stalls, you risk a hefty fine!

  2. Do not steal photos with gladiators and Roman soldiers because they are paid, if you want a photo with them ask and pay.

  3. If you have to hail a cab, wait at the licensed vehicle stop, don’t hop in illegal taxis if you don’t want to pay stellar figures.

  4. Even if you are very hungry, avoid restaurants in tourist areas, they are cozy, but the quality and price can come as a nasty surprise.

  5. Beware of kiosks that sell a little of everything and have high prices!

  6. Do not enter churches, especially the Vatican, with low-cut dresses that show off shoulders or legs.

  7. Do not throw coins in any fountain, the only exclusive feature is the Trevi Fountain.

  8. Don’t book a hotel in Rome on the outskirts or in any case far from the center if you don’t want to spend a fortune on transport.

  9. Don’t buy bottled water because Rome is full of dynamics or public fountains.

  10. Do not stop near the monuments improvising picnics or you will get a good fine, the same goes for swimming in public fountains, foot baths or various refreshments, avoid.

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