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Looking for some tips on how to organize your Rome vacation stress-free?
Do you want to know how to get around, how to experience the city, where to leave your luggage before checking into the hotel?
Would you like to book the best attractions in the city in advance to enjoy a carefree vacation?

Do not worry!
For us Romans, hospitality is very important, whether you are a tourist or an “adoptive” Roman, we are very happy to welcome you to the most beautiful city in the world.

Travel guides, useful services, applications, resources, skip-the-line tickets… and much more.
Our priority is to make each visitor’s Roman experience as simple and comfortable as possible.
We recommend the itinerary, where to eat, where to stay, point out the most important events and reveal some tips so that you can enjoy your visit to our splendid city.

First time in Rome?

Most tourists to the capital pass through the Vatican: a place rich in history, secrets and architectural wonders, envied by everyone.

It certainly won’t surprise you to learn that it is the state with the highest concentration of works of art in the world!
You got it right, the Vatican, despite being in the heart of Rome, is an independent state unto itself.
It can be visited by tourists and scholars without problems, the entrance to the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Gardens has restrictions on clothing (long clothes, miniskirts, shorts and hats are not allowed) in spirits, in blunt objects (such as umbrellas, knives, photographic tripods, etc.) and in excessively bulky luggage.
There is a free wardrobe, which however does not guarantee custody and is not responsible for any valuables (including clothing!).

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Wondering how to visit the Sistine Chapel to admire the works of Michelangelo?

Visit our website, you will find a section entirely dedicated to the Vatican.
Not sure what to do with your luggage?
Don’t worry… we can also offer you the solution!

Luggage Storage there is a new service in Rome!

Are you wandering around the capital and don’t want to carry heavy luggage?
Have you arrived before check-in time at the hotel and would you like to leave your suitcase to fully enjoy the sun and the Roman air?
Are you staying in a hostel and it is not possible for you to leave your luggage in the structure where you slept?

We have the service you need here!

A new service in Rome It will save the day!

It works in an easy and intuitive way: zero application to download, the reliability of a service already tested and executed in the main cities of the world, more than 50 warehouses in different districts of the city.

All you need to use the service is: an internet connection and… a suitcase!

Luggage Storage will take care of your experience 100%: from your reservation, you will receive directions to the store closest to you.
Upon arrival you will receive a security seal to place in your luggage, to enjoy your stay in Rome without worry.
All luggage is covered by insurance, including damage, loss and theft.

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No advance payment in the reservation, hourly rates and the possibility of leaving your luggage in storage even for days.

Incredible true?

The prices are very affordable and they have a daily threshold beyond which you cannot go.

The service is available throughout the capital.
You will find your Luggage Point near the main train stations, near the metro stops and near the universities.

Visit the Luggage Storage Rome web now for more information!

Other services

As mentioned above, we takes care of every facet of your trip to Rome, taking care of the smallest detail and unveiling the secrets of the Eternal City.

In the “Useful resources” section you will find the list of applications necessary to move around the city, the instructions to get from the main transport centers (the 2 airports in Rome are Fiumicino and Ciampino) and the application necessary to pay for your car without using cash.

There is even the app that reports the positions of drinking water sources, very useful during the summer to survive the typical heat of the capital.

We love children: a complete section is dedicated to the little ones, where you can book the Museum of Zoology, Cinecittà Studios, the Colosseum and much more.

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