Tips for surviving in Rome as a university student


Rome is a city for tourists. You arrive, you settle in the hotel and you enjoy everything that you have before your eyes. It is not so easy to live there. It is natural that we are not talking about that circle of people who live in the center and therefore have everything at their disposal, services, public transport complete with traffic.

Rome is also a installations and for students the problems are the same as for citizens. If for economic reasons you decide to take a house outside the center, in addition to the inconvenience of the distance there is an even greater traffic that is found in the long-distance streets, especially at rush hours, that connect the suburbs with the city center.

Let’s analyze the student situation in Rome, trying to give some advice.

Rents skyrocket

Rents in the capital are very expensive and, in the case of students, you have to be careful with the “black” rents that enrich the owners, who ask for 300 to 500 euros to rent a single room, apart from services. In other smaller countries, a completely new apartment is rented with this amount. So be careful not to give in to the first proposal, after all Rome is great and the offer is not lacking.

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Public transport

This chapter deserves much more than a few lines. But I try anyway. Transportation is a small problem for all major European capitals, countless articles have been written on this topic and it is certainly not my intention to discover hot water. However, there is a fact.

The buses are always full, especially at peak times, the same goes for the metro. One piece of advice, therefore, is to choose move a little earlier and try to avoid the hours of entry to school in the morning (7: 30-8: 30) and the hours of exit from the office at night (17: 30-18: 30).

You may need to get up a little earlier in the morning, but it will certainly take you less time to get to your metro, making sure you have some time in case something unexpected happens (metro out of service).

Last but not least

However, Rome is by no means a city to be avoided or abandoned, in fact it is in the eyes of all the historical beauty that the whole world envies us, it is our task to preserve this wealth to hand it over intact to future generations. In Rome there are several universities that offer many services, including the possibility of following the online lessons.

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The ability to follow courses electronically solves some of the most common problems. For example, we may choose to attend only lessons that fall within certain times and electronically follow those that we are unable to attend, for work or other reasons, without risking being left behind and wasting useful time.

As we have seen, Rome can pose problems but, with a little “foresight,” each problem can be solved and, in fact, targeted for its own benefit.