The 10 most famous Roman songs in history


A Playlist Of Famous Roman Songs Not To Be Missed

Which are the famous roman songs that we all sing at least once?

Surely, for a Roman DOC, it will not be difficult to answer this question: give Roman stornelli absolutely Roman songs, the repertoire is really very wide and varied.

Telling Rome through music is a mission that many Roman singers they picked up willingly.

The songs that have made the history of the city and that have remained in the hearts of the inhabitants of the capital can still be heard today in bars, in private clubs in Rome, in Trastevere trattorias and in the streets of the center. . Since Lando fiorini to Antonello VendittiLet’s start our journey to discover the artists who brought the famous Roman songs to life.

The songs about Rome show the city from another point of view: that of the Romans. The inhabitants of the capital tell their stories through their music, made of romantic balads you hate funny songs Sing into the Ariccia fraschette with a glass of wine. Let’s find out together the most beautiful ancient and modern roman songs.

Rome Capoccia – Antonello Venditti

Let’s open our playlist of famous Roman songs with a great classic: Rome Capoccia by Antonello Venditti.

The lyrics to the song, written in 1972, are real. hymn to rome, to its beauties and its immortality. From Venditti’s words, one immediately feels the artist’s devotion to the city:

I see the majesty of the Colosseum,
I see the holiness der Cupolone,
and be more alive, and be better, no, I never leave you,
Rome capoccia der monno infamous.

Roma Capoccia is fully included among the songs about rome more beautiful to listen and sing out loud with friends.

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Trastevere Flowers – Alvaro Amici

This Roman stornello, sung by various interpreters such as Álvaro Amici, can be configured as the soundtrack of the Romans.

The text of the song narrates the essence of the Roman DOC, attached to the traditions of its city and local customs:

Semo Romanos, Trastevere
Semo gentlemen without quatrini
But our core is a shack
Còre sincere that the nun deceives you
If you stay on the invoice, we will help you
But we don’t get rich
We are spaghetti magnifying glasses
Trastevere chicken.

I’m drunk – Mannarino

Between roman folk songsWithout a doubt, those of Mannarino are in pole position.

Mannarino’s style, characterized by a bright romance, cheerful and never redundant, he really conquered everyone, Roman and not. his I’m drunk narrates a joyful and light love, which will be told through the simplicity of his verses:

I’m drunk on a woman
how good is the smell of the skirt
how good is the smell of the sea
I go at night to look for words.

The Pimp Company – Lando Fiorini

After this romantic interlude, let’s go back to the famous Roman songs perfect to sing in a typical branch of the capital.

We are talking about The Pimp Society, one of the most famous (and sung) Roman stornelli in Rome. The lyrics of the song are funny light and irreverent, capable of making even those who are not feel Roman.

But who cares but what we wear
if the host of wine has poured water on it
and heh say and heh famo
you put water
We don’t pay you but
we are those
that j’arrisponnemmo ‘n choir
and ‘better came from the castles
of this dirty society

Rome – Renato Zero

After the stornello, we return romantics with a masterpiece dedicated to the Eternal City: Rome by Renato Zero.

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Each word of the song tells of the artist’s love for his city, with a note of melancholia for the Rome of the past, which seems almost lost in the passage of time.

Renato Zero’s Rome is a Rome that doesn’t give up, that continues to amaze and enchant the singer, who says: Sixty years that I died behind you, it’s not a secret about my love

It’s good to breathe you.
Defend yourself, serve yourself.
And thank God you’re there …
That you still know how to surprise us.
You are fragile and eternal.

I’m in love with you – Franco Califano

We continue our playlist with an intense song by Franco califano, looking for the desperate love of a younger woman, as if it were the last chance. The lyrics of the song are moving, intoxicating and the Roman phrases whispered by the artist are capable of truly moving anyone.

I fall in love with you otherwise what life is
I do it a little bit out of anger
a little nun is alone
how is he just a man in the fog
because he doesn’t speak a bit, not even in heaven …

Rome is not stupid tonight – Lando Fiorini

We keep talking about love with this wonderful song by Lando Fiorini, famous soundtrack of the musical “Rugantino“.

Rome is not stupid tonight tells the story of Rugantino and Rosetta, two young men unable to openly express their feelings for each other. Who better than the Eternal City can give value to both?

Rome don’t be stupid tonight
damme ‘na mano a faje say’ yes’
sceji all the stars brighter than a few
and a friction of the moon all for us

Roman festival – Matia Bazar

Roman festivals dei Matia Bazar is a bitter and somewhat melancholic portrait of the capital and its sweet life, told in poignant words, further intensified by Antonella Ruggiero’s performance.

Beautiful Rome, you, her muses
Polished Asphalt, “Goodbye Rome”
Coin and voila
There are those who return and those who leave
You do your part, but you don’t know what pain you give me

Porta Portese – Claudio Baglioni

Our journey through songs about Rome leads us to Porta Portese, one of the most famous and popular markets in the city.

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Porta Portese by Baglioni is the portrait of the market from a few years ago, described with meticulous precision. Listening to the song, you will truly feel as if you are walking between the stalls and hearing the voices of the merchants shouting, experiencing the joy and confusion of the famous market.

I continue
among the crowded people
the shit that
that makes you soak
Has it all
auto parts
ancient swords
fake paintings
and the nude photo of
Brigitte Bardot.

Roman guitar – Gabriella Ferri

We conclude ours mix of roman songs famous with one of the most sung stornelli in the capital: the Roman guitar.

Between Roman songs performed by Gabriella FerriThe Roman guitar is a classic with a romantic and melancholic flavor, where the capital is the scene of a finished love.

Under a blanket of stars
beautiful Rome appears to me
my heart is alone
disillusioned with love

Now we have told you everything: you just have to listen to the famous Roman songs in good company and enjoy the magic of the capital told through music.