Rome, restyling at Flaminio and Monteverde: two new competitions are underway

After the one in Testaccio, there are two other public and international competitions to redevelop two important areas of the city: piazza San Giovanni di Dio with its market, in Monteverde, and the Polo Civico del Flaminio in via Guido Reni, with the library and services for the neighborhood.

They will start on 2 September and the projects must have been sent by early November: in December the publication of the final ranking of the first five winners.

In this respect, the expected remuneration for architectural studies is 800 thousand euros, while for the realization of the works, 3 million and 700 thousand euros have already been allocated for piazza San Giovanni di Dio and 4 million and 200 thousand euros for via Guido Reni.

To give the announcement to the Roman Aquarium , the House of Architecture, Virginia Raggi herself: We are presenting two design competitions that will concern two abandoned spaces to which we want to give a new life, in a program of Urban Regeneration developed by the city planning councilor Luca Montuori. We have a very large city, added Virginia Raggi, in which the services must reach endless suburbs.

The city has undergone a series of layering, it has a series of abandoned spaces and despite all this it has continued to expand. We wanted to reverse the trend, recovering and regenerating the existing. Architectural competitions have three key words: the quality of the projects, the transparency of the projects and openness. I would add a fourth word: synergy.

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The public administration finally makes synergy with entrepreneurs, architects, universities and citizens. If we manage to recover existing spaces, we have all won. More in detail, the project for the New Flaminio Civic Center aims at creating new public spaces inside the former barracks in via Guido Reni, where, in addition to housing, the Science Museum was also planned: but for the we are talking with Deputy Mayor Luca Bergamo, said the commissioner Montuori.

It is also a project that has had a long process of sharing with the citizens of the neighborhood, the goal is to create a local cultural infrastructure that can be used all day long. Instead the one for the new market aims to obtain not only the redevelopment of a public work of great importance, but alal aggregative function of the square, proposing a new type of local market that can be a place in the city and not just a specialized structure.

The goal is to provide the city with new services , new meeting and exchange places, places that also look at the recent transformations in the ways of experiencing public space.

We ask for a broad reflection on places that are part of the urban fabric and which must become the nodes around which entire pieces of the city are regenerated, Luca Montuori then underlined. And for the Competition Area Manager of the Order of Architects of Rome Andrea Iacovelli, the orientation of Rome Capital is consolidated in the use of the design competition procedure for the transformation and regeneration of the municipal area.

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The synergistic relationships triggered in recent years between the Order of Architects of Rome and the Public and Private Bodies in the promotion of design competitions, outline a horizon of territorial governance declined through the competition procedures, so that the Architecture Project returns to being the center of gravity of urban transformation choices.