Rome cycling routes: the best cycling routes in the capital


Did you know that taking a nice bike ride every now and then can only improve your physical and psychological condition?

The fact that they are not seen in a concrete way does not mean that cycling brings few benefits to our body and, above all, to our mind. Thanks to’use of the bicycle, many things happen that have a great influence on ours lifestyle, in ours view of the outside world and in relationships with other people.

Maybe not everyone knows it, but cycling causes the heart to pump more and more blood to the lungs (which is the place where the blood is oxygenated), it causes the fibers (the smallest components of the muscles) to change and develop , allows you to develop attention capacity, the joints are thus lubricated, becoming more elastic and strong, consuming energy, finally, the brain produces substances that improve mood (such as endorphins).

The latter is the psychological and emotional condition that is the background of any human activity: humans are unable to live an event without accompanying it by a sensation or an emotion. In addition, the sense of freedom and self-determination (that is, of owning one’s own bicycle, as well as one’s own existence) is aimed at improving psychological well-being.

The best bike paths in Rome

Rome offers a variety of cycle lanes, along with several parks for biking, in each of its areas: North Rome, South Rome, East Rome, Western rome, Rome center.

North Rome bike lanes

Tiber bike path

An alternative to car use, it joins the “Tiber Project” for an experimental line and tourist navigation of the river. Starting from the north, the route begins at the height of the Mariani oven building on the Labaro plain. A little further on you can reach the river bank; on the opposite bank at the top you can see the village of Fidene.

Continuing on, you pass under Via del Foro Italico, when you reach the Ponte della Magliana you walk along it and immediately go down Via del Cappellaccio on the left bank. Pedal again on the bike path and face two ups and downs to overcome the Fosso di Vallerano. Before going up again, there is a Roman bridge with three arches.

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You approach the Hippodrome of Tor di Valle. In the second of two old farmhouses, going down to the left, you can reach both the Hippodrome and the homonymous stop of the Roma-Ostia railway. The main track passes through the stables and approaches the two iron bridges of the ACEA collectors; At the end of the straight you can see the GRA, which marks the end of the bike path with an equipped rest area.

Bike path from Ponte Milvio to Villa Ada

A path of high landscape and environmental quality that involves two public green areas (Villa Glori and Monte Antenne) where there are sports and leisure facilities. On this track you can reach the Auditorium by bicycle.

South Rome cycle paths

Cycle path from Morena to the first municipality of Rome

A path full of green areas and semi-abandoned infrastructure. It starts from the opening of the green area of ​​Gregna and continues in the direction of the ring road.

Via Petrocelli bike path

The track connects through Tuscolana to the Romanina area near Tor Vergata University.

The perfect cave cycling route

Wooded section of via di Grotta Perfetta from Montagnola to the Europa State Primary School with access to the pine forest of the Fort Ardeatino park, within which there is a circular section for pedestrians and bicycles. The track ends near the Graneros shopping center.

East Rome cycle paths

Cinecittà Est

It goes around a large fenced green area, useful for the connection with the metro, but still disconnected from the nearby cycle paths (Palmiro Togliatti, Romanina and Torre Maura). At the end of the bike path there is the possibility of continuing along the bike path within the park.

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Bike path in Via Nomentana

This is the new bike path between Porta Pia and via Valle d’Aosta-via Valdarno.

The project includes the track on the right side of via Nomentana, towards piazza Sempione, up to the level of the Nomentana battery, then, it will move to the left side, passing through the viaduct of the Nomentana ring road to the intersection with via Val d ‘Aosta, and you will take the same Via Val d’Aosta until the final section of Via Valdarno, where it will connect with the existing “Aniene” cycle path, in via dei Campi Flegrei.

Tor Tre Teste East-West Park

A possible route (designed as a ring) for the east-west crossing of the Tor Tre Teste park.

West Rome cycle paths

Eur – Caracalla Connection

Corresponding to the old Aurelian walls, it joins the path that leads to the Baths of Caracalla and the center. Very useful for those who want to go to the office, when the protected path is interrupted, it is possible to continue entering the streets of Eur in complete safety, taking advantage of the wide sidewalks.

Villa Bonelli bike path – Via Frattini

A short itinerary mainly by road connects the Tiberina cycle path with the Via Pietro Frattini cycle path, crossing the railway line in the pedestrian underpass of the Villa Bonelli train station. It goes through the Magliana neighborhood and the lower part of Villa Bonelli. It is recommended to go slowly in the underpass and ramps of the station, since it is a pedestrian zone.

Bike lanes in the center of Rome

Villa Aida – Villa Borghese bike path

This itinerary connects two of the main urban parks of the city: Villa Ada and Villa Borghese. Through Villa Ada, it is possible to get to the track that runs along the Viale delle Belle Arti and Parco delle Valli road, along the entire avenue of the Zoological Garden, you can take the bike path of Viale delle Belle Arti (Valle Giulia) leading to the Tiberina track.

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The Appian Way by bike

Via Appia Antica is a low-traffic road (and almost completely closed to traffic on Sundays). It is a path of indisputable charm for cyclists who want to travel it, in fact one travels long stretches in a very special environment, between ancient funerary monuments and beautiful pine trees immersed in the Roman countryside.

In some places it is easy to think that you have gone back in time. As if that were not enough, from the Appia Antica it is very easy to detour towards the beautiful Caffarella park, a vast natural space that it is hard to believe that it can be found in the center of Rome.

The most beautiful bike paths in Rome

These were some of the Rome bike lanes.

In addition to them and many others, as you enter this magnificent city, traveling through it on “pedals”, you will introduce yourself (and surely you will be fascinated) in the different gardens and parks.

You can have fun riding your bike with your friends, with your partners, with your family, or even simply with the company of your headphones and the best Playlist you have on your Smartphone. Even if it doesn’t seem like it (due to the high level of caution you need to take), the best company for a bike ride is children.

They discover the first approach with speed, children and the bicycle are a winning duo, since through the bicycle the child discovers his own autonomy and feels free to go, with his own effort, to discover the outside world.

Now you just have to prepare the helmet and knee pads, and set out to discover the world.