Milan and Rome airports, buffer service closes by 18.30 (but there are differences). Galli: “So the institutions are not credible”

Those arriving in the evening from areas considered at risk are forced to contact their local health authorities within the following 48 hours. At Fiumicino on 22 August there are twelve flights following the closure of the stations. However, the company offers a free referral that allows passengers to go to a private laboratory. The professor of the Statale al “If you decide to have a prevention tool you cannot reach this contradiction”

Milan Malpensa , 19.35 on 22 August. Passengers arriving from the Spanish island of Minorca with the flight operated by the company Neos can freely return to home without immediately carrying out a swab , despite the tightening imposed by the Ministry of Health on 12 August last.

Five minutes later an Easyjet airbus is scheduled to land from Zante , Greek island of the sea Ionian. Again no test. And the same happens for the other scheduled flights during the day: the last one from Tenerife to 1.55 am. The reason? The service introduced at the airport to contain the coronavirus infection is open from 9 to 18.30. After that hour, we read on the Malpensa website, “you will need to declare yourself to your Ats within 48 hours of landing according to the methods indicated on the relative institutional websites “.

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The same thing happens in Rome Fiumicino, where the reception point – as established by the Lazio Region – closes even half an hour early. But here there are two alternative options: you can go back to the airport on day after , or take advantage of the ‘binding free issued by the emergency room doctors present 24 hours a day. With that, then you can go to any private laboratory for a fee.

“Does it seem to you that closing the service at 6pm may have some logic ?”, asks the professor of infectious diseases of the University of Milan Massimo Galli. “Obviously, interested people are invited to go home and contact the ASL. But if you decide to have a prevention tool you cannot come to this contradiction. Otherwise the system is not credible “. In his opinion, citizens who return from countries targeted by the Ministry of Health for the risk of contagion risk even to live an “odyssey” due to the late response of the test .

In Milan Malpensa, for example, the authorities clarify that the rapid test is not carried out here as in Fiumicino: “The outcome of the exam will be sent to the personal email address indicated on the format, as soon as available (24/48 hours)”. Yet, concludes Galli, “when you are not able to organize a service , you do not nothing with the new rapid tests “.

The Aeroporti di Roma company ensures that, despite the Covid stations close at 6 pm as indicated by the Zingaretti-led Region, the procedures go on for hours before all passengers are disposed of. The numbers, in fact, speak of thousands of tourists returning every day from the countries affected by the government.

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Taking as an example the flights scheduled for August 22, it appears that in Fiumicino there are three connections before 9 am, fifteen in the time slot during which the buffer service is available, twelve after closing. Situation not too different from that of Malpensa. In the Lombard capital, the general manager of Ats Walter Bergamaschi had explained, due to the returns from the at risk the buffer system “is under stress “.

The goal is to reach approximately 1,800 tests per day. In the last week alone, about 20 thousand travelers have registered on the website of the Milanese health authority and who are waiting to be called back to reserve the tampon. At the weekend, the questions answered are 6 thousand.