How to visit Rome from home


Whether out of will or duty, it often happens that you find yourself at home, with nothing particularly exciting to do. This happens on special days like the ones we have experienced lately, where the watchword is #I stay at home.

In this article we would like to propose ways to visit Rome from home, for when you find yourself dealing with boredom. In fact, the latter can be seen as an enemy, something to escape from, but it is not always true. When we find ourselves in similar circumstances, in fact, we are masters in deciding with what to counter this situation. This allows us to understand what really interests us, what we really like to do and what we are most predisposed to.

Each of us can decide for a fact entertain at home listen to good music, dedicate yourself to art or culture, relax, play sports or simply take time for yourself; In any case, at times like this, technology is our friend.

In fact, there are many activities participate in the use of a tablet, computer or smartphone. With one of these tools they will be transported directly to their homes monuments, Art Gallery, paintings, sample, activities, events it is museums; so you can enjoy virtual tours, knowledge and events online.

Below are some of the activities that will allow you visit Rome online, bringing you a healthy home culture.

Capitoline Museums

Looking for your online Virtual tour as a result, the access link to enter will appear. After selecting the language, you will be catapulted into Piazza del Campidoglio. From here, you can move around manually by making a real one virtual walk, looking for the different areas to observe on your own or choosing to see the most famous landmarks directly, such as the Palazzo dei Conservatori, the Lapidaria Gallery, the Tabularium or the Palazzo Nuovo.

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From each area, it will obviously be possible to observe all internal galleries, the Salt, I courtyards, the courtyards. the Virtual tour It is very high resolution, has an integrated audio guide and can be viewed in full screen. It consists of a total of 45 environments to discover.

Vatican Museums

The papal collections are divided into seven virtual tours, among them: the Sistine Chapel, the Pio Clementino Museum, the Chiaramonti Museum, the New Arm, the Raphael Rooms, the Niccolina Chapel and the Chiaroscuri Room. Each environment can be explored by clicking, and also in this case the resolution is very high to be able to observe even the smallest detail and the vision can be adapted to full screen.

Arapacis Museum

The virtual tour of this Museum can be done independently by choosing to visit the various areas click by click or there is the possibility of following a automatic tourIn other words, the tour was started automatically without having to turn manually; in the latter case, the sensation will be to see a documentary with an explanation of each work. That too Virtual tour it is in very high resolution.

Jewish museum

Before I virtually get into this MuseumA short written explanation of each of the seven rooms to visit is given. Once the excursion, you can rotate and participate in the explanations about the works and the remains present inside the rooms. Also in regards to this virtual tour, the resolution is of a high level and it is possible to take advantage of the full screen mode.

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Hadrian’s Villa

In this type of experience you can merge with nature in a fresh and open environment, which refers to feelings of well-being and tranquility with the excursion of one of the most beautiful villas around Rome. This virtual tour allows you to walk through the gardens of the town, visit the entrances, the small and large spas and the ring with the fish market.

Villa d’Este

It is possible to make a Virtual tour both the exterior and the interior of this villa, admiring all its peculiarities and all its beauty from various points of view. Inside it is possible to admire the pictorial walls up close.

Trajan’s markets

From the map made available by the virtual visit you can move between the different areas, which include the floors, the different rooms, the patio, the viewing terrace and the archaeological area of ​​the hemicycle in Trajan’s photo. The most suggestive points of this route are the gardens and the viewpoint terrace, from where you can see the dome of San Pietro and the archaeological zone. Even the latter can be crossed virtually. In addition to the tour, it is possible to see a gallery of photos and videos, in high definition and very suggestive.

Colosseum Archaeological Park

In all of them social channels Monuments and artifacts are shared, virtually opening the doors to all users who want it with videos, photos and live. The masterpieces of Roman cultural heritage will be shared to enrich culturally to all interested people.

Quirinal Palace

the tourism del Quirinale allows visitors virtual access to the palace, gardens and park of Villa Rosebay thanks to the virtual reality. All virtual tourists can listen to audio commentary and read texts in various languages, which support the walk online. It is also possible to observe the Quirinale 3D VR, which is a software that allows you to virtually navigate inside the Piano Nobile of the Quirinale Palace reconstructed in 3D. The visitor is free to move in the 8 reconstructed rooms, created with advanced computer graphics techniques.

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On the website of Quirinal Stables It is possible to participate in the “exhibition walk” which consists of a video story between the halls of the great show of Raffaello, where you can admire more than 200 masterpieces from around the world.

Parco della Musica Auditorium

Videos and playlists from the Foundation’s archive are published daily on their social networks, so that they are always in close contact with Roman population.


The Roman place where all people, of all ages, can entertain themselves with playful activities it is recreational, provides a daily column explaining various activities to do as a family. The next day’s program is published every day. The name of this column is “techno @ home” that will bring educational and scientific proposals to the homes of all of you. At the same time, on their social channels they will keep you company continuously with their tutorials.

These were some of the many ways to visit Rome from home; If instead you have the opportunity to get to the capital not in virtual mode, but in the flesh, we advise you not to miss the many parks to discover and the various monuments of Rome that will literally make you immerse yourself in time and experience sensations unique.