How to organize a solo trip to Rome


How to organize a solo trip to Rome.

Have you ever thought of a solo trip? Why not give it a try?
Schedule a solo trip to Rome It could be a great place to start, as this city has so many resources to offer that you don’t necessarily need to be in company.
The capital is, in fact, a place to discover: you can stroll through its alleys, lose yourself in its alleys and fall in love with every glimpse of it.

Traveling alone It is not something every day, it takes a pinch of will and a lot, a great desire to immerse yourself in fascinating new challenges, but to experience intoxication of this kind. Rome You are sure to love this type of trip.

Here are some steps to follow to face this type of experience.

When to go

Rome it is a complete city from this point of view. It can be visited at any time of the year, as there is something about each of them that makes it incredibly unique.

  • Choose the spring, if you love pink and purple colors! The streets of the city, in this season, are flooded with foliage of these colors, the sky is always clear and the atmosphere is a bit like that of Japan. You can admire the vivid green parks and take pleasant walks under the warm rays of the sun.
    the solo activity you can do are many, giving some examples that you could venture on the rowing boat trip in Villa Borghese Lake, go zoo, take a suggestive walk through the along the Tiber or relax in a big way Villa Pamphili park.
  • L ‘summer in rome it’s hot enough, but at the same time the city offers a great variety of cool places to retreat to enjoy parks, villas it is panoramic terraces.
    To beat the heat, you can also visit the landscapes and towns surrounding the capital that will keep you cool.
    In addition, in summer, the city of Rome organizes various events, demonstrations and parades in which you can participate.
  • Choose theAutumn for your solo trip if you love the romantic atmosphere: the main colors of this period will be orange and yellow and the fallen leaves of the trees will invade the streets of the city.
    If you decide to go on a solo trip this season, the activities to be carried out will be varied: you can enjoy the glimpses of the Tevere River, discover theAppia Antica and the remains of Rome by bike, visit i Roman castles or participate in exhibitions and thematic events.
  • L ‘winter in rome not as cold as other cities. Therefore, it is very convenient to undertake such a trip in this period if you are looking for an exciting and attractive experience.
    On rainy days, you can visit indoor places like museums or malls, which are easily accessible by public transport.
    The capital is also covered with lights for the Christmas period in addition to markets, Christmas events and concerts that make the whole city very suggestive.
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How to move

Rome offers various transport services such as metro, bus, tram, car sharing and scooter sharing, car rental or bicycle rental.

You can choose according to your needs, and the period in which you will make the trip alone, but if you want to enjoy Rome from the inside and pay attention to every little detail, the advice we can give you is to make the most of the weather. moderate that you will almost always find, to venture walking. This will allow you to appreciate every glimpse of the city.

To see the most famous attractions and monuments, you can trust lines meter, bus or trolley car, since they are all fairly well connected and will allow you to cross the city completely in a few dozen minutes, away from traffic.

Accommodation to stay

Choosingaccommodation you can provide two options:

  • share theapartment with other people: Rome offers hostels it is shared houses, which will allow you to meet new people and, why not, find someone with whom to share the discovery of the city.
  • stay on your own privacy: Rome is full of hotel of all sizes and departments in any area.
    The advice we can give you is that you find accommodation near the metro or bus stops that lead to the city center, so that you can get around easily by public transport.
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Places to visit

For a trip like this, the main question is without a doubt what to see in Rome.
The city offers a multitude of experiences: from walk in Via del Corso to the Colosseum tour. You can fill your days with trips, visits to various monuments, guided visits to less and less known museums, exhibitions, art galleries; you can indulge in exciting and healthy shopping at the most sought-after stores or classic second-hand or craft boutiques, or you can enjoy long walks in the different parks using bicycles, rickshaws or electric scooters. You can also participate in various musical, theatrical and concert performances.

Where to eat

If you have questions about the what to eat in Rome, the answer is simple: you cannot miss everything that is considered a typical dish of Roman cuisine!
Of all the typical Roman dishes, you will surely have to taste the Carbonara spaghetti, I artichokes alla Romana oi bucatini all’amatriciana.
The alternatives are endless, in fact Rome offers many options in terms of catering. You will find Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican cuisines; You can indulge yourself with pizza, hamburgers, pasta, meat and fish of all kinds and there will be vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian cousins.
In short, there is something for everyone!

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This ends here mini guide on how to organize a solo trip and how to take advantage of all the benefits of travel alone.

Hoping to have been as exhausted as possible we wish you a good trip, giving you the opportunity to spend some time with yourself, in an unforgettable experience. solo trip to Rome.
The Eternal City is just waiting for you!