From Campo dei Fiori to Trastevere: here are the areas of Rome’s nightlife closed by the Rays

The mayor of the capital signs the order with the closure of Campo de ‘Fiori, piazza Trilussa, piazza Madonna de’ Monti and via del Pigneto

Stop the Roman nightlife. From 21:00 to 24:00 on Friday to Saturday the main squares of the capital close, where young and old gather to drink and chat in the evening. The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi , signed the order and from the effects will be seen tonight. The closure of other areas in the coming days is not excluded.

The watchword is to avoid and discourage any form of gathering. So it will be seen, for example, if in Ponte Milvio – another area of ​​great influx of nightlife but not included for now by the provision of the Municipality of Rome – the concentration of people in the evening will decrease.

Squares closed but you can access clubs and restaurants

The ordinance of the Rays is the synthesis of a long discussion with the municipal offices , the police of Roma Capitale and the prefecture led by Matteo Piantedos i. Last Thursday the provincial public order and security committee was held at Palazzo Valentini, seat of the prefecture, chaired by Piantedosi with the representatives of the Capitol, the commissioner Carmine Esposito and the provincial leaders of the police forces.

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In this way, the needs of the Municipality, organization and assessments of public safety managers are aligned. In the dialogue between Raggi and Piantedosi a principle has been established: the closure of the squares must not prevent or jeopardize the work of public establishments in compliance with the COVID-19 regulations. “Access and outflow” is ensured as well as that to the residences.

The zones (for now) off limits

The first square, the most crowded so far to the point of unbelievable despite the increasingly tragic data of COVID-19, is Campo de ‘Fiori. The signals, complaints and alarms were repeated: a situation “proven by numerous reports from citizens and reports from the Local Police Corps of Rome Capital and the police forces in general” reads the ordinance.

There is also Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere “limited to the area of ​​the stairway facing the Acqua Paola fountain”: another area with a high concentration of young and old. And then piazza Madonna de ‘Monti, in the homonymous district, via del Pigneto and via Pesaro in the recently established pedestrian areas.

The alarm level

From the ordinance of the Rays we understand the high level of concern. The uncontrolled influxes in the square and in the nightlife constitute “concentrations of people potentially such as to determine the development of uncontrolled gatherings and the consequent possibility of spreading forms of infection of the virus”. The choice of these areas was made “with the help of the competent health prevention structures”.

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The squares and off-limits streets will be cordoned off. Nuclei of the city police and other police forces will be present to monitor and control the movement of people. For now, the use of military personnel is not foreseen.

Fears about employment in the commercial

The prefect Piantedosi, in particular, is also following the increasingly dramatic profile of the economic repercussions and the holding of employment in commercial establishments in the center of Rome.

After all, it is enough to take a walk through the streets of the capital, and not only those of the so-called Trident, to see at every push the shutters lowered and local with clearance sales for closure. “We have received together with the mayor the representatives of these categories – said the prefect of Rome yesterday in an interview with SkyTg24 – the employees of these businesses in the city of Rome alone are 80 thousand.

The risk of layoffs translates into a huge economic and social crisis. The measures must be weighted and progressive”.