Free Wi-Fi for 4 hours


Rome wants more and more to welcome, establish and maintain contacts with citizens and their visitors, therefore the project that allows access with just a portal to the wi-fi network and to do it free.

The city already guarantees wi-fi access zones, now the evolution of the important initiative allows having the connection in a greater number of points and offers Free WIFI for four hours a day.

Access areas increase, in fact others are added 4 points along the imperial forums, ai ya three thousand distributed from the center to the outskirts of the capital.

Rome wi-fi is a fundamental step towards an increasingly democratic concept of communication, the Internet thus becomes a common good whose use must be increasingly guaranteed by state institutions themselves.

Therefore, the Municipality of Rome initiated the ability to connect with a single portal, registering only once. The project “Rome Digital Capital“It foresees that the networks of the Province of Rome, the Campidoglio and Digit Roma will thus become a single large network to offer, both citizens and foreigners, the possibility of accessing informative content made available by the municipal administration.

The modernization of the city thus advances towards a continuous expansion of the digital offer, from the website of the Municipality itself, for which a European competition to identify the best portal project.

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The new portal will also serve to guarantee online access to the different services of the capital, it will be in Italian and English, while the tourist portal will be translated into five languages.